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Our maple grove of 4,500 tapped trees is located on the side of a mountain at the north end of the rolling Appalachians. It was first developed by Mr. Laurier Bélanger in 1998. We acquired it in 2010
and have been enjoying the adventure ever since. 
Our mission: make maple products known throughout Canada and abroad. Our goals: to produce a range of tastes. Maple syrup should be known for its taste that can vary from sophisticated to bitter. Our pride: the next generation who have enjoyed joining us on this adventure! All of our products are sold through our web site.
Even though we do not offer meals, it would be our pleasure
recommend other sugar shacks to you where you can satisfy
your sweet tooth!

Gilded with a delicate taste (Canada # 1 clear)

Mild and refined taste. Syrup used for pancakes, fruit and ice cream.

Company located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Lac-Etchemin,
in the middle of the forest, far from all sources of pollution and pesticides.
Our bees forage in a healthier environment on a wide variety of wildflowers.


What bees have the best to offer!

Douceurs des Appalaches

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